Our 10K Course

10k Run Your Gourd Off 10K Map

Our 5K Course

5K course (3.1 miles) description: much like a trail or cross country course. The surface is all primarily dirt farm roads. You will be a little dusty by the time you finish this run or walk. Don't be intimidated by the farm dirt roads. There are no hills on this course. The 5K is a scenic course that also winds around two corn fields and alongside the giant pumpkin patch. You'll get a glimpse of the walnut orchards from the farm road that runs alongside the orchard. Just for good measure, you run beside a second field of carving pumpkins still on the vine, you transition to a newly harvested field which puts you in an open area for a brief bit. You'll see the corn maze in the distance. Once you see it you'll know the finish line is just ahead on the other side of the corn maze.

Don't Forget about our 1/2 Mile Kids' Race!

½ mile Pumpkin Dash (suitable for kids 12 and under): This is the sweetest ½ mile course ever! Our youngest runners take off from the main race start line that the 5K also uses and head straight for the giant pumpkins. There will be much to distract them. On one side are these stunning giant pumpkins still on the vine and on the other side is the Bishop's train. (They may want to ride this after the run for a nominal fee.) There's a brief spot through the middle of a walnut orchard before they head to the finish line passing a small section of the corn maze and getting a quick glimpse of the flower gardens.